From Fail to Fab: The Open Relationship

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

Fail: A friend of mine met a guy from an online dating site a few years ago. One night, they grabbed drinks and all went well. A few days later, he invited her over to his place to watch a flick. As he set up the DVD and she got cozy on the couch, a woman came out of the back room. My friend figured it was someone from out of town or a roommate – no biggie. Just when she was about to say something, the woman introduced herself as her date’s wife. #Whoops.

Fab: Though you might be a bar flirting whiz and have the best DVD collection ever, nothing kills the mood faster than having your spouse in the next room. If you have an awkward living situation, be upfront about it – especially before inviting someone over to your place. Don’t wait until they’re snuggled in on your couch to spring it on them…or flat-out assume that it’s OK.

If you’re in an open relationship or any situation where someone is still considered your spouse, you need to disclose that when your online chatting looks like it’ll head into offline territory. That way, the other person can decide if they’re comfortable with it and if they want to move forward.

Remember: Dating is all about flirting and fun. Don’t spoil it – for you and your current match – by hiding things about yourself.