Sexy Techie: Nick Perold

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

eFlirt Expert’s Sexy Techies are the kind of people whose business stories you've heard a hundred times … and whose VC announcement was just all over Mashable. Whether it's the ingenious founder, a marketing wiz, or a finance extraordinaire, these high level execs are next-gen visionaries. But their personal lives have stayed behind closed screens ... until now. I’ll reveal their never-been-told dating details to curious singles, one interview at a time. We’re bringing sexy back; techie-style.

The Binary Code

Name. Nick Perold
Age. 26
Tech Cred. Director of Strategy at Carrot Creative
Scene. Brooklyn, NY
Twitter. @nickperold

1. You’re the director of strategy at Carrot Creative. What’s the most creative way you’ve asked someone out on a date?

Actually, the way I ask people out on dates is pretty straight forward, but I make sure to choose date places that are out of the ordinary. There’s nothing worse than a hackneyed place for drinks or grub. My view is that even if the date is an epic fail, both people should be able to walk away and think, “You know? That place was really cool!”

2. So what gives? How is a sexy techie like you single?

My mom asks me the same thing. Ah, mothers. Why am I single? Probably because I’m looking for a rarity. I love nights that start with an expansive wine list in a quiet restaurant and end with picklebacks and Buck Hunter in dive bar. I’m looking for someone who relishes the same, and I’m finding out there aren’t a lot of people like that.

3. Do you think being a nerd helps or hinders you with the ladies?

It absolutely helps because it’s a fantastic filter. I want to be with a woman who is excited by and drawn to intelligence – because she herself possesses it. When a girl likes the fact that I’m a total nerd, it qualifies her as someone I should consider. If she balks at my nerdiness, I know she’s not the kind of girl I’m looking for.

4. What are the top five go-to apps for your social life?

Facebook = pictures of the night before, staying in touch with friends, and social calendar

Foodspotting = I’m hungry, don’t know the area, don’t want to read reviews, but want good food

OkCupid = dating + the best user experience/CRM strategy I’ve ever seen

Venmo = splitting the bill with friends without divvying it up awkwardly with cards or cash

Rdio = helps me find music I’m likely to like via the listening activity of my friends

5. If a date Googled you, what surprises would she find?

I’ve written a blog post strongly suggesting that everyone in digital marketing needs to have an active OkCupid account – even if they don’t use it for dating.