Top 5: Dating Miscommunications

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

Getting to know someone new can be a lot of fun. It seems like everything they say and do gives you warm fuzzy feelings and butterflies in your stomach. But sometimes, their behavior can be completely confusing and only leaves you with a pounding headache. Try to avoid this by staying away from these top five dating miscommunications. It will make your dating experience — along with everyone else’s — much more pleasant!

1. Asking for a date ... and then ignoring calls to make plans or canceling last minute. If you think you might be interested in someone, plan a low-key meet up, like coffee on a Saturday afternoon or drinks after a workday. Keep in mind that it’s OK to be unsure about him or her when you first meet them. A casual date ensures that you at least get a chance to know them, giving you time to make a better decision about what you want without overcommitting yourself.

2. Openly talking about the other people you’re currently dating. If you're not exclusive, it’s a common understanding that you’re both dating other people. It’s OK if you want to politely reject a person, but mentioning your other conquests on a date is far from a gracious gesture; it only screams, “I’m just not that into you.”

3. Flirting in an obvious manner — then abruptly ending the evening. You don't need to have a marathon date, but if you’re having a nice time, be sure to end it with class. If you “suddenly have other plans,” that sends a clear message that you found something better. It’s also code for “not interested.”

4. Saying you’ll call the next day, then neglecting to even send a text or email. When ending a date, it’s normal to want to be polite. But there’s nothing respectful about saying things you don’t mean. If you aren’t sure if you want to speak again, a simple “Thank you for the evening” will suffice.

5. Telling him or her you just want to be friends but initiating a kiss at the end of the night. Just like how it’s not well mannered to say things you don’t mean, it isn’t polite to do things you don’t mean, either. If you decide there’s no romantic connection — even though there might be a hint of physical attraction — then leave the date kiss-free.

Have you ever experienced one of these five date miscommunications? Tell us in a comment below!