Fail To Fab: The Drunken Date

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

Fail: Last winter, I met a guy from a dating site for a few drinks. Two hours into the date, he started to get cozy. I thought it was kind of cute — that is, until he started slurring that he wanted a girlfriend and begged me not to leave him. If that wasn’t enough, he began to pass out on my shoulder. Clearly, he #Can’tHandleHisAlcohol. 

Fab: When you’re an adult, you should definitely know your alcohol limits, especially if you graduated from undergrad at least two years ago. And when you’re on a first date, you shouldn’t even let yourself get close to wasted, let along inebriated.

Don’t claim yourself as a heavy weight if you’re barely in the lightweight division. Drink slowly and stay away from the bucket o’ beers and high alcohol cocktails. Order a few appetizers to nosh on while you drink. Taking little bites between sips keeps the date casual and steers away from making alcohol the main course.

If you totally miscalculate and feel the drunkenness set in, slow it down. Do something that will keep you from drinking anymore without blowing off your date. Order some water, or suggest a walk.

And if you know that alcohol might be an issue, it’s never a bad idea to plan a date sans booze. Suggest a leisurely stroll in the park or a fun, low-key activity like bowling. Coffee and dessert bars always make for cute ideas, too.

Remember: A drink (or two) to calm first date jitters isn’t a bad thing. But save the drunken shenanigans for your college homecoming — no one wants to play the role of caretaker on a date.