Top 5: Reasons to Have a Long-Distance Relationship

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

While we hold love close to our hearts, physical distance shouldn’t be a reason to dismiss a potential relationship. Though yes, the separation will become difficult at times, there are positives to remind you why your dedication will be worth it in the end. Take a look at our top five reasons to have a long-distance relationship:

1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Though the saying is cheesy, it’s lasted all these years because it’s true. Not seeing someone constantly creates a yearning in each of your hearts, allowing real love to flourish!

2. Spontaneity. The margin for spontaneity grows in long-distance relationships because there’s more room for it. While your partner might not always be present, they will definitely be on your mind. To shorten the distance between you, send a note, make a call, or just hop in your car and drive when thoughts of missing your guy or gal become overwhelming!

3. Easy talks. Couples in long distance relationships usually communicate better than other couples because their relationship is based on finding ways to interact with each other when they’re physically apart. Thank goodness for free nights and weekends!

4. Date creativity. Long distance couples also tend to be super creative during their time together without even trying, since there’s less of a chance for getting tired of “your place.” Relish the fact that you’re usually doing something new and exciting together.

5. Mental inventiveness. Remember when you were a kid and you let your imagination run wild when you had moments to yourself? Those vivid thoughts can put you right there with your love, even if he or she is miles apart. If your mind is even more resourceful, come up with ways to be with your BF or GF virtually … Skype session, anyone? ;)

Have your own reason to have a long-distance relationship? Share with us a comment below!