Sexy Techie: Karen Hartline

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

eFlirt Expert’s Sexy Techies are the kind of people whose business stories you've heard a hundred times … and whose VC announcement was just all over Mashable. Whether it's the ingenious founder, a marketing wiz, or a finance extraordinaire, these high level execs are next-gen visionaries. But their personal lives have stayed behind closed screens ... until now. I’ll reveal their never-been-told dating details to curious singles, one interview at a time. We’re bringing sexy back; techie-style.

The Binary Code

Name. Karen Hartline
Age. 34
Tech Cred. President at Golightly House 
Scene. San Francisco, CA
Twitter. @khartline

1. You recently announced your position as President at Golightly House, an event production company. If budget were no issue, what would your ultimate first date include?

I always joke that a great first date would be beer and hot wings because it will definitely cut down on the awkwardness of the first date. If we’ve laughed while eating chicken wings, a second date is very promising! I’d rather have a fun and relaxed first date than something crazy extravagant. Let’s save that for date three.

2. So, what gives? How is a sexy techie like you single?

I definitely tend to fall into the friends zone with guys pretty quick because I’m a ‘guys’ girl’ and I think this puts me at a disadvantage. I’m also pretty independent and a strong leader, so I need a man who won’t be intimidated by that. 

3. What are the top five go-to apps for your social life?

Twitter — Gives quick updates on what’s happening with people I want to keep up with. — I’m all about the experiences of life and love seeing snapshots of what my friends are doing.

ESPN Bowl Bound — I’m a college football fan and like keeping an eye on the scoreboard each Saturday, unless the Sooners are losing.

Foodspotting — When I travel, I like to reference the guides on Foodspotting to see what I should check out in the area. I’m trying to eat my way through the SF Weekly Top 100 Dishes guide!

Fancy — I love seeing what sexy things have been curated on this app. I have quite a few items ‘fancy’d’.

4. If a date Googled you, what surprises would they find?

There’s a lot about me online because of my work in event production over the past four years dealing with social media companies, but I’m actually pretty private about certain things, including my dating life. If he looks hard enough, he may find a video of me doing karaoke on top of a Winnebago in NYC.

5. What’s the biggest flirting #fail you’ve experienced on the interwebs?

I have a love/hate relationship with those anonymous tweet apps to send a cute public message to a crush. Love them because I’m flattered, but hate them because I never know who sent them.