New Technology For Your Dating Life

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

Last week, I went to SXSW Interactive. Dubbed “Spring Break For Geeks,” it’s a technology conference with a heavy focus on relationship building and alcohol. The equation I saw?  Tech + Relationships + Alcohol = A whole lot of amazing tools for your dating life. Hot off the presses, your favorite online dating coach is bringing the top five emerging enhancements for your dating life.

1. GroupMe.  Old school chat rooms go new school with this mobile app. Start a group with say, all your girlfriends, and communicate with them all at the same time via text. Message everyone to make plans for going out on Friday night, get instant guy advice from your most trusted pals or gripe about that lame date you’re on. 

2. Ditto.  Checking in gets interactive! This app was just launched, but ranks top 25 in the App Store. Not only can you announce what you’re currently doing, but you can say what you’re about to do or want to do. If someone clicks “ditto,” you can do it together. Instant date night with a chance virtual encounter! Another use for your love life: it can also be used to get recommendations on everything, from date spots to the best pick up locale. 

3. Project Amicus.  Announced during SXSW, Project Amicus is Grindr’s in-development app for the straight population. If you’re not familiar with Grindr, it is a location-based app for gay/bi/curious guys. Boasting over 1.5M users, Project Amicus should be an interesting alternative to friends of Grindr’s loyal fellas. Keep your eye out for the launch, happening in a few months!

4. YallAboard.  Thrill-seekers of New England — look no further for adventurous date ideas! YallAboard makes planning simple ... and discounted. Let your snow tubing, segway riding and rock climbing alter ego out for some fun! Don’t be disappointed by the lack of deals right now because, after all, they’re new, y’all. These deals have the potential to perk up a flat-lined relationship, inject fun into a budding one or even prove a place to meet other singles through their living-on-the-edge parties.

5. How About We.  Turning online dating upside down, HowAboutWe is a dating site that allows you to propose dates to your matches. Like what someone else wants to do? Go do it together! It’s that simple. Though I’ve talked about the site before, things are heating up. They took their NYC-launched platform national this winter and have achieved critical mass in many markets, like Boston, DC and San Francisco.  So, “How about we ... try a new dating site?”

But most importantly, I want to know what you’ll be downloading! Let me know which technology is the most intriguing to you and feel free to add to the list by commenting below.