Love At First Sight: Solved

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Love at first sight is a phenomenon as old as Elvis’s pelvic thrusts. No one has been able to crack the code on exactly why this happens ... but a few techies are on the brink of discovery. Their algorithm Psychological studies + Biometric research = Instant head over heels

Forget lengthy questionnaires about your preferences on everything from politics to cuisine; 
Soul2Match is a revolutionary dating site that only needs one photo. Okcupid photo stats aren’t needed here! Their software analyzes your facial features on more than 1,000 points and matches you with people based on “the lookalike effect.” Basically, a strong jaw line officially matters. By combing the Flirt Wall, you’ll be able to search for suitors and gauge your biometric chemistry by the numbers. 50% = Freddy Prince Jr.  70%+ = Your Very Own George Clooney! 

Since they are newly launched, expect the features to expand including the all important search by zip code. But for now, do you think you can trick the tech and date outside your league?