Dating At 30

By: Jessica Downey, Copy Cutie

So your birthday is coming up. And as usual you feel pretty excited about the day. You have a cute new dress in your closet and a fabulous spot picked out for your party. Your friends have lined up a whole slate of awesome activities for the big day ... but then you realize you are about to turn 30. *Gasp!* Trust me — I know exactly how this feels since I was in your Monolos only a few months ago.

The big 3-0 is far from “old”, but it is the beginning of another decade. Shifting from your 20s to 30s has this sort of monumental feel to it. And who knows, you might even feel like ditching “the bad boy” and getting more sensible about your dating discretions — like heading out on the town with a guy who won't ask to borrow $5 to take you on a date.

If your flirting preferences shift, don’t let that psych you out.  We’ve all heard about the tick-tock of the biological clock, but consider that it might actually be more about your dating tastes changing towards a guy who is good for you than it is about your lady bits.  Personally, the big 3-0 made me realize that meeting a guy means more to me than just a fun makeout sesh.

You might also notice a change in little things, like the number of emails you receive in your dating inbox. But don’t freak — just think back to all the messages you received on your dating site du jour from guys who weren’t on the same page as you. A decrease in messages really just means you won’t have to fuss with the guys who we fondly dub “riff raff” at eFlirt Expert. Think quality over quantity.

One birthday doesn't mean that dating has suddenly changed. You can still flirt. You can still have a blast. So don't even think about fibbing your age in your dating profile. Instead — rock it.