Introducing: Lip Service Live

Sometimes, just a smidge of expert advice can turn your dating dilemma from fail to fab. “What does this text really mean?” “Should I call him if he didn’t call me?” “First dates are always awkward for me. Help!” We’re launching Lip Service Live to give daters a few minutes of clarity with their latest crush.  You won’t find this special on the Services Menu, because it’s on the house!

Taking our college-inspired office hours to the digital world, founder and CEO Laurie Davis’s popular in-person Free Flirt Advice is heading to Facebook. In true 2.0 style, she’ll be schooling online daters wherever they may be with weekly real-time date coaching — macchiato in hand.  Starting May 16, she’s all yours!  Every Wednesday from 1-2pm EST, Lip Service Live will connect your dating woes to her virtual blackboard.

Simply log onto Facebook, “like” the eFlirt Expert page, pick up your chalk and let the Wall be yours. To celebrate the launch of our social media flirting services, we'll be hosting Lip Service Live as a Twitter chat on Wednesday, September 28th, complete with giveaway to one single tweep. Follow @eFlirtExpert and use #eFlirtLive to join in.  

Remember what your kindergarten teacher taught you: There’s no such thing as a dumb question!