Cross-Country Chemistry

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

Americans have different stances on PDA — some couples in Central Park are dry humping while lovers in Tampa are barely holding hands. When you're in new relationship, it’s like you are dancing to an un-rhythmic beat, desperately trying to follow each other’s cues and figure out how comfortable your match is with make-out sessions at Starbucks. True to its name, the dating site has gathered some geo-data about the spark that singles show in public. Surprisingly, Cedar Rapids, Iowa is in the top 10, only 2 cities behind NYC. And Las Vegas (aka “Sin City”) is one of the least comfortable cities to get your public groove on.


But the #1 challenge of PDA is — how much is too much? Luckily, you’ll always be on top (ahem) by following these 3 guidelines: 1. Keep a watchful eye on your Peeping Tom neighbors. 2. Take mental notes of your match’s body language. 3. And if things start to heat up, make sure you’re close to home …