Behind The Blogger: Taylor Cast

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

This series highlights the Web's boldest singles. They put their dating lives in the public eye by blogging about their trials and tribulations in a 2.0 world.

Taylor Cast is one adventurous little lady. She started writing for The Urban Dater a little over two years ago to give real advice based on her own personal experiences. And, of course, to give some humor during all the rough patches.

"I wanted readers to relate to my dating disasters and the highs and lows of dating. In hopes that they could say, 'Yes, I've so been there,' says Taylor. And unlike most, no pseudonym is needed for this straight shooter. Even her family is in the know. "I don't have anything to hide so it works out. The only uncomfortable part is my new dates can read about all the past ones," Taylor says.

Taylor is no stranger to heartache. In her post Giving Up Hope, she gives a heartfelt account of her struggles with relationships and her pain after a recent breakup. And, in Relationship Status: Single, she breaks it all out " ... because single is not a disease! I think it is important that people don't place too much emphasis on their relationship status. Enjoy single! Embrace it."

As you can tell, Taylor’s no stranger to rockin’ the single life. Is your bachelor(ette) flag waving as high? If you need a strong shot of independence, Taylor’s your girl.