Best of the Web: How Nudists Date

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

As a digital dating archeologist, I’m constantly coming across the most amazing information — from the jaw dropping to the laugh-out-loud. But even if you follow me on Twitter where I often share my faves, it’s possible that you’ll miss out if you blink. So, welcome to the official archives of my Hot-or-Not finds. This week’s top five links I love are:

  1. Nudist Dating Site.  The only time when it’s acceptable for you to show up to a first date in the buff is when you’re a member of this site.
  2. 10 New Places To Have Sex.  Encouraging your greatest imagination, Men’s Health features 10 new ideas for gettin’  busy — and how to logistically make it happen.
  3. Brains vs. Beauty Chart.  Quantifying the way you make dating decisions, Venn diagram style.
  4. Forget Church, Let’s Hit PlentyofFish.  There are now 7K reasons worldwide to log-in and send some messages out on the last day of the weekend.
  5. Woman’s Cell Usage Halts Train.  Lesson learned — a fight with your match could get you kicked off the Amtrak.