The 20-Something Hemline

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

Truth be told, our generation started dating in our mid-teens. Well … it’s what we liked to call “dating,” which consisted of our parents driving us to the movies or mall meet-ups with large groups of friends. Our limited freedom expanded to our closets at times and we wore clothes that we swore were cool and our make up was cheap and Wet ‘n Wild. Not an easy fashion transition into the real world as a young professional — I assure you, I’m there.

However, being a 20-something-year-old allows you the ultimate liberty: the ability to find your own style and silence the awkward teenager in you and transform her in the poised woman looking for real love.

In your 20s, the fashion world is your oyster. So, go ahead and break most fashion rules with the exception of my key three:

1. Pick one focus. Whether it be décolletage, leg or shoulders. Choose your skin and choose it well.

2. No underwear lines.

3. And last and most important, know your body.

Other than that, feel free to experiment. At this age you can wear a floral dress with a leather jacket! Trying on unexpected combinations is a fun way to decide what works best for you and your body.

Play with the cuts of your clothes and the hemlines they're offered in for different occasions! Go casual with a cotton maxi skirt that touches the floor or ultra-glam with a floor length gown for those black tie affairs. Long skirts can lengthen most statures.

A full skirt that falls at the knees is sweet and playful or a pencil skirt with a back slit that hugs just below the knees amplifies an hourglass figure.

Dress shorts are in, paired with a show-stopping pair of heels, they can be dressed up or down with a plain white tee. Wear a mini skirt or dress – but wear it with class. You’re 20-something now and from here on out we embrace the knowledge that while our age will go up, those hemlines should not.

Your silhouette in your 20s is something you will reminisce about with your granddaughters and something their grandfather will say stopped him in his tracks. Celebrate your 20-something body and show some leg!