How To: Talk To Your Date

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

It’s Saturday night and you have the date of your dreams all planned out. The cute girl at Starbucks finally said yes or the guy on the subway took the hint to call when you dropped your business card in his lap. Your palms are sweaty but you manage to keep your cool as the waitress seats you. And you start to think you’ve got this. The questions start rolling when you realize that’s really all the conversation that’s happening. And it’s not a fun game of 20 questions. Actually it seems a little stiff and proper, like a job interview gone ary.

But a date should be fun. And making conversation is all a part of that. It’s your chance to woo your date, and let your personality and charm shine. But, if you are stumped on how to get the conversation flowing, eFlirt Expert has your back with a few simple tips.

Lead with something recent. It’s likely you’ve had a couple of conversations with your date beforehand. If they mentioned something about their week, ask them how it was. Excitement often leads to flirting and it will help your date to open up some. Plus, your memory will impress your date. If you met online, it reminds your match that though you may be meeting IRL for the first time, you know them. This generally leads to a second date and it can also lead to a fun little make-out sesh at the end of the night.

Use what’s happening around you. Look around during your date; there are conversation cues everywhere. Simple things like what bottle of wine your date orders can get a conversation rolling. Ask questions. It will show your date that you are interested in them and their tastes.

Tell a fun story. Use a topic that’s easy to relate to or something you know you have in common. Of course funny stories are always a great idea — laughter often leads to flirting. Telling a story makes it easy for your date to chime in and will encourage anecdote sharing. 

Let your body (language) do the talking. Sometimes not saying anything at all can actually say a lot. Use your body to give your date subtle clues that you are interested in them. With non-verbal communication, it’s the small things that matter. For example, lean forward and make eye contact while they are telling you a story. This will let them that know that you are interested in what they are saying and want to hear more.

Keep a good balance. You don’t want to talk your date’s ear off but you also don’t want to let them do all the talking. So take one part talking and add one part listening; shake, pour and serve.