Summer Getaways: Budding Romance

By: Jessica Hartman, Certified eFlirter

Whether you’re brand new lovebirds or celebrating your 10-year anniversary, every relationship deserves a summer getaway. This is part of a four-week long series on the best summer vacation ideas based on your relationship status.

Summer is synonymous with vacation. From the elementary school days of counting down till summer break all the way to cashing in our vacation time at work — the warmer the weather gets, the more we want to get away. It’s easy to overlook vacation time when you’ve only gone on a couple dates, but don’t! Day trips are perfect for new relationships.

It’s more than just a date — you’re creating a memory together which immediately reaches a level of intimacy that dinner and a movie can’t achieve. You can learn a lot about someone by spending a day in the car with them and doing a fun activity. Activity is the key word here — stay away from trips like a day at the beach where there’s ample opportunity for boredom and awkward silences. To inspire your day trip plans, here are our top 5 destination dates for just-started-dating summer fun.

Vineyard Escape: California isn’t the only state where you can drink wine straight from the vine. There are great intimate vineyards everywhere from Oregon to DC to Long Island. If you’re within driving distance, it’s the perfect summer day escape. You’ll both learn some fun new wine factoids while learning about each other’s preferences and personalities. Oh, and you’ll be drinking some great wine too.

Rock Climbing Romance: If you’re the adventurous type, rock climbing will get your heart rate up in more ways than one. Whether you’re inside at a rock climbing wall or doing the real deal outdoors, the perfect combination of closeness is required — teamwork and persistence. Breaking a sweat will instantly lighten the mood. And you’ll both feel celebratory when you reach the top.

A Fair Affair: There’s no easier way to get comfortable with your date than by allowing yourself to be a kid again. At fairs, everything from the cotton candy and funnel cakes to going on so many rides your head will spin, will keep you laughing with each other all day. And what’s more romantic than ending the night at the top of the ferris wheel?

Park Paradise: Every state has at least one state park, most of which will never be enjoyed by its residents. They offer a variety of fun activities for both the adventurous and laid back. From hiking to picnicking to a private guided tour, you’ll end the day appreciating both your home state and each other.

Musical Memories: Summer music festivals cater to every style from hard rock to jazz. Swaying to the music and listening to inspired lyrics is good for the soul as well as a relationship. Brownie points if you plan an awesome tailgate!

So what fun summer trips do you have planned?