Sexy Techie: Aaron Schildkrout

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

As an entrepreneur in the tech space, SXSW is about as inspirational of an experience as they come. But as a dating coach, all that schmoozing made me curious: Are these sexy techies single, and does anyone even know?!  

I’m not just talking about any dateable developer, either. Whether the founder of a mobile app or a next gen visionary, they're the kind of people whose business stories you've heard 100 times … and whose VC announcement was just all over Mashable. But until now, their personal lives have stayed behind closed screens. So, I’ll be revealing their never-been-told dating details to curious singles, one interview at a time. I’m bringing sexy back; techie-style. 

The Binary Code
Name. Aaron Schildkrout
Age. 32
Tech Cred. Co-Founder,
Scene. New York, NY

1. At its core, HowAboutWe is all about going on dates. Singles post their date ideas and find other people to go out with who like what they like. What is your personal best How About We date, and how did it go? 
Well, I thought my best HowAboutWe date idea was to buy a nice old hat from a street vendor and then read excerpts from Hamlet in Central Park for spare change. But I haven’t gone on that one; it was probably a bit much. I did go on a HowAboutWe to the Bamboo exhibit at the Met — that was fun.

2. So, what gives?  How is a sexy techie like you single?
Oh, I don’t know. Probably because I’m a bit too picky or because my jokes are weak — one of the two.

3. What are the top 5 go-to apps for your social life?
I’ve been appreciating Twitter more and more over time … that’s definitely the app I use the most (other than the NYTimes). I occasionally use Foursquare and Facebook — but really only occasionally. I’m liking the Facebook experience less and less over time. Sometimes I post photos on Instagram. I use a lot for texting. Occasionally I’ll jump on yelp to find places to go — I wish there was a better option and I’m glad Foursquare’s working on that. And of course, I love the HowAboutWe app, which we just released at the beginning of June!

4. Do you think being a nerd helps or hinders you with the ladies?
I never really think of myself as a nerd. The fact that I am one but don’t think I am one — that probably helps.

5. What does a Silicon Alley gal need to do to get your attention?
Be awesome. And then sign up for HowAboutWe, go to and ask me out! :)