The Body Language of a Kiss

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

Understanding the subtext of a single kiss is essential to knowing the person you’re locking lips with and what they want. Based on the heat of the moment and analysis of carnal body language, we’ve provided a simple dissection to easily understand kisses and kissing scenarios — from the seconds leading up to the kiss to the lean in and the locked in eyes to safely landing on first base.

The platonic kiss.  Sorry lover, but the platonic kiss is still a kiss and a clear indicator that all that exists between you two is a true blue friendship. Placed on the cheek or worse, in the air, the distance between your bodies will be evident. Whether it’s the American kiss on the cheek or European double-kiss, in any case, it’s friendship.

Extras: Beware of the open embrace, pat on the back and torsos standing far apart. It screams friendship —exclamation point.

The shy kiss.  Still flying high from butterflies, the timid kiss is usually found towards the beginning of relationships when couples are still trying to feel out what the other needs and wants. Hesitation and giggles, this timid kiss remains sweet with long gazes, playful smiles and slow movements towards each other.

Extras: Hesitation comes in the form of lip language before the kiss. Men lick their lips, while women bite theirs.

The teasing kiss.  Who said a kiss only utilizes the lips? The teasing kiss electrifies the senses. Whether it’s finger tips running through the hair or roaming hands running down the spine, the teasing kiss tends to ignite and stimulate the body’s senses, bringing things to the next level of passion.

Extras: The super tease is the well-versed kisser who not only stimulates the body with their fingertips, but with their lips as well. Think kisses along the neck, shoulder, palms and ears.

The passionate kiss.  Whether it be a longing kiss good night or a spontaneous collision of tongues, the passionate kiss needs little deciphering … and sometimes leaves little to the imagination. The passionate kiss borders on the line of sexual and should come with its own warning label. Unsure if you’re in the middle of a passionate kiss? Keep with the P’s - pressed up against the wall or each other, panting or being breathless from the passion, and pulling of hair, clothing and torsos.