Summer Getaways: Committed Chemistry

By: Jessica Hartman, Certified eFlirter

Destination Island, Antarctica Whether you’re brand new lovebirds or celebrating your 10-year anniversary, every relationship deserves a summer getaway. This is part of a four-week long series on the best summer vacation ideas based on your relationship status.

It’s so important to spice things up with a special trip away every now and then, especially when you’ve been dating for several months. Planning a trip together gives you both something to look forward to and is sure to fire up any flame that might be burning out. Here are some off-the-beaten path, guaranteed chemistry-kindling destinations from each of the seven continents around the world.

Asia: With Bali taking most of the romance credit in Asia, Malaysia is often overlooked. But this just means that there’s more rain forests, scuba diving and mouthwatering cuisine for you! says, “The coastal sheen, the pictorial landscape teamed with the comfortable climate of Malaysia makes it one of the places to feel the thump of ‘being in love.’”

Africa:  Marrakech in Morroco is increasing in popularity for American explorer and shopaholic couples (especially after the Real Housewives of NY spent two weeks there). Fire jugglers, snake charmers and traditional souqs (markets) await, but possibly the most romantic part about this exotic city are its Riads. “Riads are traditional Moroccan homes, some of which have been turned into the most exquisite, romantic, small hotels,” according to

North America:  With all the shotgun weddings, Vegas has gotten a bad rep (thanks, Britney) but it really has become a top contender in the race for romance in the U.S. Between the serene Bellagio Fountains, the amazing food from the best chefs in the world and it’s very own Eiffel Tower, Vegas has everything a fun-loving couple could ask for. With the most honeymoon suites in a 4-mile radius, the Strip is always rockin’.

South America:  Los Roques National Park is a beautiful island park in Venezuela that lures in romantic couples with an ultimate tropical paradise. White sandy beaches, blue-green water and rare choral reefs make this place the perfect postcard. And according to, “Since the park commission has strict regulations prohibiting new buildings and restricts the number of visitors allowed in the archipelago at any one time, the islands retain their serenity and allure without overcrowding.” Sign me up!

Antarctica:  Deception Island is the ultimate excursion for adventure-hungry couples. Don’t let the ominous name scare you, this is Antarctica’s most popular city thanks to the beautiful white landscape, friendly penguins and steaming beaches. That’s right, beaches. “Deception Island is indeed the destination to be since here you could very much commune with nature,” says

Europe:  With SO MANY romantic cities in Europe to choose from, we thought we’d go with one that doesn’t get much credit thanks to it’s popular neighbors Venice and Paris. Bruges, Belgium is chock full of medieval architecture and home to some of the best festivals in the world, such as September Jazz, BAB-bierfestival (Beer Festival), Summer End Festival or Feest In’t Park. “The city centre is a World Heritage Site and when you visit you will see why,” according to

Australia:  Skip past tourist-laden Melbourne and head to Adelaide, capital of South Australia. It’s Australia’s best-kept secret, according to and comes with tree-lined streets, romantic sidewalk cafes and is home to the best wineries on the continent. It’s also a coastal city located along the Gulf St Vincent, so beach-lovers have something to get excited about, too!