Day in the Life of a Love Doctor

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

At eFlirt Expert HQ, no two days are the same. In fact, the only consistency is that life is a smoothie of digital flirting, startup chaos, client meetings, biz dev brainstorming ... and a side of snark. Just a day in the life of a love biz startup! But that’s partly why I have the greatest job in the world. (You know, other than the fact that I help people meet online and fall in love offline every day.)

I’m starting a new tradition — over-sharing the inner-workings of the company with you each month. (Hello, startup diary!) So put on your virtual seatbelt, because you’re in for a fast and furious ride.

On the 1st.  Attempt a group buying deal  Genius. I spent so much time and energy putting additional personnel and processes in place so new customers would have a great experience despite the mass-market approach. Because when those deals go live, it’s a feeding frenzy, right?? Well, I guess no one tells you that sometimes you hear crickets. Major marketing fail. But in the startup world you live, you learn and you move on quickly. It’s just like dating a dud — if someone isn’t for you, don’t dwell on it, just say “Next!”

On the 11th.  Make the SXSW Panel Picker my b**ch. I assembled an epic SXSW proposal; the rare opportunity to see executives from the major dating sites in one location. The panel about consumer decision-making will feature Sam Yagan, founder of Okcupid, an eHarmony marketing executive, a executive and Brian Schechter, founder of HowAboutWe. Despite all the successes eFlirt Expert has experienced over the last two years, the moment when they all agreed was more exciting to me than Good Morning America. (And trust me, that was pretty screech-worthy.) Putting together something this powerful is a huge honor.

On the 14th.  Negotiate a deal over Twitter. SweatEquiTees drives a hard bargain, but I prevailed. I would need 3 bottles of tequila to even consider shooting a rap video about eFlirt Expert in the RUN LLC tee. But I did film “10 Reasons To Kiss an Entrepreneur,” Letterman-style in the tee's honor.

On the 16th.  Birth a baby eFlirter. I had a few training sessions this month with Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie (and Certified eFlirter in training). This time, Sam got to listen in to a real client meeting and see the process unfold first hand. When I started the company, so many people told me that a personal service is un-scalable. I’m proving them wrong, one Certified eFlirter at a time. We’re in the process of rolling out in cities across the U.S. Get on our radar here if you think you have what it takes. I hope this business model will help many more singles achieve dating bliss, and inspire others to think outside the box when developing business models.

On the 18th.  Moonlight as a celebrity photo commentator. It’s no secret that I interview with a lot of reporters, but even I was shocked when I got a message from OK! Magazine asking me to comment on the latest photo of Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron. In digital form, my face probably looked like this: ?!?!?!?!?! … ?! When I saw the piece in black and white, I geeked out. True story — my “eek” of joy must have been so contagious, the guy who owned the news stand where I bought the mag offered to give it to me for free. But of course, I could never do that to a fellow small business owner.

On the 20th.  Mix business with cocktails. Jess and I finally met up with our would-be intern, Trevor. He interviewed from Texas via Skype back in the Spring, and we kind of fell in love. But then he picked Verizon over us. Damn corporate experience! Meeting over margaritas in NYC was just what we needed.

On the 23rd.  Be a teacher’s pet. I judged a business pitch contest at NYU for a social entrepreneurship class. Little did they know, I don’t even have a bachelor’s! Being back in a classroom — and as a judge to the students this time(!) — was a strange feeling. There were some pretty impactful ideas in the room, from eco-friendly couture to a healthy take on McDonald’s. Hopefully, the other judges and I gave feedback that will help these budding entrepreneurs.

On the 26th.  Spawn future generations. There’s another engagement in eFlirt land! This time it’s a female client from Georgia who met her fiancé on Okcupid. That’s so exciting because what really matters most to me is not another addition to our press page or the next greatest marketing campaign — it’s our clients’ success. It might sound like a line, but it’s true: When considering the whole of my startup, my clients are the closest things to my heart. Let’s just say, tissues are sometimes required when I get emails from happy not-so-singles. A few days later, I got word that a New York client who was married about a year ago had a precious little boy with his wife! Announcements like this really put the company into perspective for me. We’re not just writing profiles anymore, we’re changing people’s lives and impacting entire generations. What we do is way bigger than me or you. And that’s an entirely different reason to get up every morning.

Next month, there will be a lot more to fill you in on. And hopefully that includes the launch of something big I’ve been working on! But until then, back to love-creating I go!