Silicon Valley vs. Silicon Alley: The Beta Battle

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

Last week, we challenged two up-and-coming dating sites to a Beta Battle. We wondered, when Silicon Valley and Silicon Alley startups faceoff, who will prevail? 

Representing The Alley:  On Clique, your very own in-crowd reigns. Forget searching for strangers, only your closest friends (and their buds) are allowed. Clique mimics real-life introductions and turns BFFs into virtual wingmen, giving them the power to make introductions to marriage material singles. Like a VIP, you’re given access to their inner circle of dateables, even though the platform is free.

Representing The Valley:  DuoDater takes double dating to the digital level. Allowing you to message and meet entirely in pairs, you’ll always have a dating wingman. The ability to create multiple pairs ups your chance of connecting with ‘The One.’ But while you wait for Cupid’s arrow, at least you can gripe about those duds to your duo mate. The site is free, but in private beta. The first 100 people who use code eFlirtExpert100 will gain access.

Both sites incorporate Facebook Connect technology. And both are taking old-school traditions to 2.0 heights.

After nearly 200 votes, the polls have closed and the votes are in. It was a close battle, but this round goes to DuoDater!!

It seems the Valley still has more digital swagger than the Alley.  Time to step up your game, NYC.

Due to the resounding response, this will be the first of many battles. Follow #betabattle on Twitter and join the eFlirt Toolbox to size up the next contenders.