From Fail to Fab: To Drink or Not to Drink

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

We’re delving into WTF dating blunders and turning them into flirts FTW.

Fail:  A few months ago, a guy friend of mine met a lady through online dating. He’s a non-drinker but  chose a bar for their first meet up. At first, things were fab — she ordered her vodka tonic and he ordered his iced tea. But after downing several more cocktails, she ended up sloshed. And because he’s a gentleman, he paid his weight in alcohol. Both went home with a headache — double fail.

Both parties were equal offenders this time, but with a little shift in direction, their evening might have had a different outcome.

Fab:  When you are planning a date there are SO many different date spots you can choose. So if you’re a non-drinker, opt for a locale that doesn’t serve alcohol. Dessert bars or coffee shops always make a great spot for a tasty date-time treat. 

If you're a drinker and your date is not, keep it to a two drink minimum. It's never a wise idea to order several rounds of drinks — especially when your non-drinking date is the one footing the bill. Keep in mind that your sober date might suggest a bar because  it’s the date norm these days, and somewhere you’d be most comfortable. If you know in advance your date doesn’t drink, offer up a place other than a bar.

Drink or not, getting sloshed the first date around is a gigantic no-no. If you've hit your two drink minimum but aren't ready to end the date then switch to something sans alcohol or suggest another option like a walk or dessert.

Remember: dating is about getting to know one another. Don’t let small decisions become your downfall.