Sexy Techie: Amber Rae


By: Laurie Davis, Founder

eFlirt Expert’s Sexy Techies are the kind of people whose business stories you've heard 100 times … and whose VC announcement was just all over Mashable. Whether the ingenious founder, marketing wiz or finance extraordinaire, these high level execs are next gen visionaries. But until now, their personal lives have stayed behind closed screens. I’ll be revealing their never-been-told dating details to curious singles, one interview at a time. We’re bringing sexy back; techie-style.

The Binary Code

Name. Amber Rae
Age. 25
Tech Cred. Founder,
Scene. Tribeca, NYC
Twitter. @heyamberrae

1. features personal stories of risk-takers who are changing the world, inspiring people to break the rules. What's the one dating rule that you don't abide by?


Kissing on the first date. If there’s a connection, explore it. Why wait around and wonder? 

2. Do you think being a nerd helps or hinders you with the guys?

Helps for sure. Plus, if they don’t like who I am then I have no interest playing with them anyway. 

3. What's the biggest flirting #fail you've experienced on the interwebs?

Hmmm... for me, I’m really bad at distinguishing between when a guy is flirting and when a guy wants to “pick my brain.” I tend to have business on the brain a lot...

I also recently got a message from a guy that said “You’ll do.” #fail

4. What are the top 5 go-to apps for your social life?

I’m obsessed with instagram. Twitter. Facebook. Foursquare. Runkeeper is a new friend.

5. What does a Silicon Alley guy need to do to get your attention?

He has great ambitions and a desire to change the world. He is optimistic, enjoys deep conversation, and lives for adventure. He loves traveling and music moves him too. To get my attention, he should be himself. Quirks and all.