From Fail to Fab: The Dating Don’t — Baby Talk

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

We’re delving into those WTF dating blunders and turning them into flirts FTW.

Fail:  A few years ago I met this guy while speed dating. We had an awesome, flirty chemistry. On our third date, over dinner in a lovely restaurant, he told me he had done some soul searching and realized he was getting old. (Because 31 = the end of the world.) He wanted to settle down and have a baby. No really, he wanted to actually go back to my place and make a baby that very night.

As a bright sided kind of gal I tried to see this as a compliment, but I wasn’t really sure how to respond. Suddenly, out came a “NO WAY.” He didn’t seem pleased and began screaming at me and pointing at other (apparently more fertile) women whom he later propositioned to bear his child.

And you thought women were the baby crazy ones.

Fab:  Maybe you’re not as outspoken as Mr. Baby Talk, but we’ve all over-shared on a date and gotten too emotional. Sharing good, over-sharing bad. It’s great to know what you want, but the third date is never the best time to get that specific. If something is a deal breaker, steer the conversation to topics that will bring out the information you’re looking for. Since Mr. Baby Crazy had just traveled to visit family, he could have brought up his nieces and nephews to transition to the topic.

When in doubt of an over-share, never ask a direct question. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be sure the person wants the same things you do, but direct baby talk is best after you at least become Facebook Official. Blind siding your date into heavy discussions about the two of you before you’re ready as a couple will only end in disaster.

And, no matter how much you feel rejected by your date you should never approach another woman to satisfy your needs. If it becomes clear that you and your date are not on the same page then you don’t have to continue seeing them. But always be respectful and make a graceful exit.

Share your dating fail with us and it just might be featured next week.