Sexy Techie: Adam Miller

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

eFlirt Expert’s Sexy Techies are the kind of people whose business stories you've heard 100 times … and whose VC announcement was just all over Mashable. Whether the ingenious founder, marketing wiz or finance extraordinaire, these high level execs are next gen visionaries. But until now, their personal lives have stayed behind closed screens. I’ll be revealing their never-been-told dating details to curious singles, one interview at a time. We’re bringing sexy back; techie-style.

The Binary Code

Name. Adam Miller
Age. 26
Tech Cred. Founder, Abroad101
Scene. Boston, MA
Twitter. @adamjgmiller

1. Abroad101 matches students with the perfect study abroad locale for them. If we were playing matchmaker, which international ladies would you want to study?

If we’re being metaphorical here, I’d say I would want to study lady Florence. It’s beautiful, classy, and epitomic of our European roots.

If you’re actually asking which country’s ladies have excited me the most, I would say Germans and Russians. It’s probably in part because I have a lot of German and Russian heritage. But the women from those countries seem to be at the same time gorgeous, fashionable, down-to-earth, serious, intelligent, and social.

2. What are the top 5 go-to apps for your social life?

Five? I don’t even know about five. For my social life, it’s Foursquare, hands down. I’ve met people through Foursquare (including women I’ve dated). Foursquare is a more efficient way to hang with friends. Rather than making plans and spending an hour commuting to meet up with people at a pre-specified location, you can just find out when some of your friends happen to be near you, and then you can go grab a drink with them!

3. Have you ever been propositioned on your own app/website for a date?

I have not, but it is not uncommon for a girl to let me know, after a date or two, that she did her fair share of stalking on my website, reading up on my bio and my business.

4. What does a techie gal need to do to get your attention?

This question kind of answers itself. If you’re a hot, fashionable techie gal, you’ve already got my attention.

5. Have you ever tried online dating?

I have been on JDate my entire life and at times. Neither one has led to a relationship lasting more than the first date. Admittedly, I’ve never put enough time or energy into these sites such that I would expect them to work. That’s why I recently turned to the eFlirtExpert for advice! :)