3 Ways To Recognize Dating Destiny

 By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

Honda hit it big with the cartoon Mr. O. You know, “I’m Mr. Opportunity [knocks on glass] and I’m knocking!” But when my own Mr. O pulled up next to me at a red light on Montauk highway, I realized Lady Fate had something to do with the whole equation. There are those lucky occasions when fate throws us a bone that could lead to the perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately, sometimes in this fast-paced world we overlook these opportune moments of fate. Had I been taking mental notes of the article I had due later that day or singing too loudly to the new Katy Perry song, my Mr. Opportunity would’ve passed me by in his tinted black Infiniti G35. Luckily, dating prowess can help identify key opportune moments of fate and ensure you always get the green light.

#1: Pulling up at a red light.

Men take pride in their cars. Women take pride in the angle of their rear view mirrors to fix their make-up. Either way, we’re both in some form of transportation at least once a day. Whether you’re as lucky as me and pulled up next to a cutie at a red light or you just happen to sit next to him on the plane, train or bus, the wheels aligned and here you are. 

In the fast paced sector of planes, trains and automobiles, it’s best to go with the sure bet: make eye contact and flash a smile. With only seconds available, it has to be an instant attraction for them to miss their stop or let the light turn red again. So flash those pearly whites!

#2: In line at the grocery store.

Let’s face it, we all need to eat! Even better to know the cutie might know how to cook. So hit the supermarket line and take a gamble in the produce aisle (stay away from frozen foods; potential dates should be fresh, not frozen). However, this applies to any line when it comes down to it. So what to do?

Stay away from the cheesy pick-up line here – “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put ‘U’ and ‘I’ together, because you’re already there next to each other. Instead, note what you’re in line for and discuss that. Compare, contrast and ask for recommendations on a better alternative. A love of chocolate? Pet food? Speaking of pet food…

#3: At the dog park.

How about the cute single whose best friend is a puggle? If Lady Luck and Mr. Opportunity wanted to be cute, colliding with your Mr. Right while on a dog run is a Hallmark moment waiting to happen! A friendly suggestion? Let the pups do the playing and suggest a play date at a later time… for you both!

So whether you’re caught under an awning or buying shampoo, take when that glass window clinks and Mr. Opportunity is knocking!