From Fail To Fab: Lying In Your Online Dating Profile


By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

Seth Rogen's 30 lb. transformation for The Green HornetFail: Last year I met a guy from an online dating site. He described himself as a super tall, clean cut kind of guy. We agreed to meet at a neutral location, and then walk to a nearby bar for drinks. As I was waiting, a guy resembling Grizzly Adams who was at least two inches shorter than me started to walk over. <Eek!> As I was just about to ignore him in a true go away creeper fashion, he said, “hey there, you must be waiting for me” and introduced himself as my date.

And everyone always says women are the ones who lie in their online profile.

Fab: We all like to refresh our appearance here and there. But if the change is drastic, update the pictures on your profile. If someone messages you beforehand, casually mention it in conversation and offer to send a few recent pics.

When you’re flirting online, it’s likely you will meet face-to-face eventually so thou shalt not lie in an online dating profile. We all pick at the little things, but more often than not the things you are self-conscious about are the things others adore. So instead of hiding your so-called flaws, rock ‘em.

Remember: One of the best parts about flirting online is seeing how it translates offline. Don’t ruin it by starting things off on the wrong foot.