How to Avoid the Online Crazies


By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

Although New Year's is the high time for making changes, resolutions can start year-round. Admirable determination is what keeps us working towards that goal … even if it kills us. We pretend not to notice that it’s been 12 days and there are still no leads online. And although it’s unrealistic that you’ll find “the one” in this short time frame, it’s hard to calm the anxiety that’s officially elevated you to level-five crazy!

But before pulling out your hair, just remember: You are in control and you can avoid the “online crazies.” Read on for some tips to ease you into online dating.

Step away from the computer…

…for at least 10 tp 15 minutes. Grab a glass of wine and resist the temptation to peruse every profile within a 10-mile radius of your house in three-hour blocks every night. Don’t stress yourself out.

While searching is a good thing, leaking desperation all over the keyboard is not. And though you’ve made the decision to take your dating life into the digital world, excessive searching and seeing numerous profiles in a loop can be mind numbing. You’re one in a million; assume that your matches are, too. Obsessive browsing might lead you to miss a good one.

Take a deep breath.

eFlirt's Founder and CEO, Laurie Davis, loves yoga, and since she dishes out romance advice on the regular, her Zen state must help.

Yoga means less stress and more calm, according to WebMD. It also strengthens your ability to concentrate and boosts your mood. Though not everyone is a yogi, follow this simple advice the next time you don’t know how to respond to a message: breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Clear your mind of the what-ifs and what’s nexts. Concentrate on the moment and stay in the email. Take it one “Send” at a time. 

Drink to your gender.

When all else fails and the online crazies are creeping, drink to your fellow daters.

There’s a reason the sayings “Bros before hoes” and “Chicks before dicks” exist. Even if your inbox reads zero or your first meeting didn’t go as you expected, you still have your friends and that same-sex camraderie. Plan a night out where you can share your stories over margaritas or beers. Toast to your fails and get ready for a new round. And hopefully, they’ll offer up the encouragement you need for another online go.

How do you keep sane while dating online? Let us know in a comment below!