Top 5 Online Dating Resolutions for 2012

By Krissy Dolor, Jill of All Trades

Everyone knows the New Year is for making obligatory life-changing resolutions that are so lofty you give up on them by mid-January. But instead of coming up with grand/ridiculous gestures like, “I will lose 50 lbs. before spring break,” or “I will stop watching Jersey Shore,” why not use this as an opportunity to focus on minor things that can contribute to you making a difference to one big thing — like your love life? If you’re online dating, here are our top five ways to really take advantage of all that 2012 has to offer. And if you’re not, keep reading: hopefully we’ll inspire you to create a profile and start!

1. Get your head in the game. Whether you’ve taken a break from dating online or are venturing out into the digital space for the first time, make sure your mind is in the right place. Online dating, just like dating IRL, has it’s own set of ups … and downs. Commit yourself to finding love — or at the very least, the idea of putting yourself out there.

2. Update your stats. If it’s been awhile since you’ve logged on, update your profile to reflect the new you. A lot can change since your last log-in, and making sure your profile accurately represents you in 2012 should be at the top of your to-do list. Bonus: it will push you up in search results, ensuring more guys or gals will click on your smiling face.

3. Have an inclusive draft list. The NBA needs to be picky about their draft picks. You on the other hand? Not so much. Broaden your perspective and search outside the box, whether it’s a little higher in age, a few miles farther away, or maybe even a bit shorter in height than you typically like. You’ll never know what will truly make sparks fly until you meet in person.

4. Head out on the court. What’s the point of online dating if you’re not getting offline to actually go on dates? Make an effort to reach out to other singles who are active so you know they’re open for a jump shot. Hint: check to see the last time they logged on to make sure they’re still looking for love.

5. Give yourself a pep talk. If you are actively messaging but not getting many replies, don’t wallow — keep chugging along. The worst thing you can do when online dating is give up after a mere month or two of searching. After all, nothing worth having comes easy. So get back on your #onlinedatinggrind and power up your dating life!

What are your 2012 online dating resolutions? Share with us in a comment below!