The Benefits of an International Love Affair

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie 

Some people luck out — their lover is down the street or a simple car ride away. While they count the distance between them in minutes, international lovers count the moments they have together.

But before thinking of long-distance love as a painstaking test of real attraction to one another, an alternative point of view suggests there are benefits of having an international affair. If you need help putting a positive spin on your partner from afar, look no further than these four below: 

Te amo. Je t'aime. Ich liebe dich.

Translate it one hundred times over and the meaning remains the same. “Love” is the one word that evokes the same reaction, no matter what continent you’re on. Now imagine that word spoken with an accent — très chic! An international lover (given he doesn’t speak the same language as you) might teach an eager pupil a thing or two about his native … tongue. 

Something old, something new.

In the UK, the bar is better known as a “pub.” In Ireland, a “lass” is a lady. In your neighborhood, Uncle Tony’s is a hidden gem with the best tasting lasagna in the city that you happen to frequent every Friday night because of the all you can eat specials. But your partner will never know! Rediscovering your favorite spots and sharing them with someone who’s not from this side of the Atlantic (or Pacific, for our West Coast friends!) leaves a lot of ground to be uncovered.

The sun rises to the East and sets in the West.

Separated by oceans and on the other side of the world, skilled international couples have the advantage of making phone calls at those key times that you wish your last lover had remembered. The “Good morning, I miss you” call will never be missed from a faulty alarm clock. Neither will the random text during the day to the one who’s lying in bed at the night. The world clock becomes their playground, and the “I was just thinking of you,” call is really just that. 

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The age-old quote was made for this love affair. With international travel time racking up at least six hours on a plane, it’s way more than a simple hop, skip and jump across the Atlantic puddle. All the best love movies are based on these meetings: girl running into guy’s arms when she sees him at the gate, him spinning her around while the whole room smiles and rejoices in their reunion. International love affairs have made Hollywood millions! And somewhere during that travel time, bigger butterflies grew. Perhaps because of the longer incubation period? Ha!

But above all this, international lovers know clearer then we do sometimes — love has no boundaries and true love defies the odds.