Ringing In The New Year With Love: My Big Announcement

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

To me, the holiday season has always signified love. There are few things I appreciate more in life than the company of my big family with a glass of wine in hand, belly full of laughter and the sound of wrapping paper in the background. I live for these traditions, especially our Christmas Eve dinner — there’s more love in that one room than can ever be replicated.

This year, my boyfriend Thomas stole me away from the glow of the fireplace for a moment alone. When we got outside into the chilly New England air, he expressed his amazement for my family tradition and said that he wanted to create a tradition of our own. As he handed over a stack of envelopes, I was touched by his sentiments, but still quizzical at his intentions. Each had a card inside with just a few words on it. And they seemed to be in reference to the jewelry I lost the day before at the movie theater.

To replace what was lost yesterday
All the ones lost before then
And all the ones in the future
And I hope you spend yours with me
And please
For the love of God
Do NOT lose this one

After I read the last card, Thomas gave me a small present. As I peeled the layers of wrapping paper away, a weighty, red box was revealed. “Wow, this is a serious box,” I thought, but immediately after shook the thought away: “I must be mistaken, we talked about this happening a year down the road.” 

But when he got down on bended knee, there was no mistaking his gesture of unconditional love. The sparkly engagement ring winked at me and tears streamed down my cheeks as I listened to his sweet words of dedication. After an enthusiastic yes, kisses and more crying, we went inside to share our excitement with my family. That night, the love in the room grew by exactly one. But it’s The One that’s always been missing, The One that completes me, The One I’ve been patiently waiting for my whole life.

For Thomas and I, love began in only 140 characters, where two dating coaches’ worlds collided on Twitter. As The Professional Wingman, Thomas will tell you that you might meet your next relationship while walking down the street, shopping at the grocery store, celebrating at a party, or waiting for the train. As the eFlirt Expert, I’d bring your awareness to the digital world, where you might find love on an online dating site, Facebook, mobile app, or yes, even Twitter. But regardless of where you are physically or virtually, love will find its way to you — as long as you keep an open heart and take action.

After all, two years of digital flirtations, real-life romance, long distance Skyping, date night explorations and sweet nothing tweets are officially leading @URwingman & @eFlirtExpert to the altar. Follow us as we plan our trip down the aisle on Twitter with the hashtag #lovenation. And you can read my fiance's take on his blog. Here’s to spending the rest of my life with the love of my life!