Top 5 Winter-Themed Second Date Ideas

By Krissy Dolor, Jill of All Trades


Baby, it’s cold outside — and with a chill in the air it can sometimes be hard to decide on a great second date that won’t freeze your buns off. If you’re hesitant to head out with someone new for round two, keep in mind that the frosty weather offers plenty of opportunity to get cozy … even if it’s simply to stay warm. For a list of low-key date ideas you can use for the next few months, here are our top five winter-themed second dates ideas. Don’t forget to bundle up!

1. See a local band. Even if you or your date aren’t devoted fans of the band you’re seeing, it’s easy to get into the groove with live music playing. If you’re into dancing or swaying while a song’s on, pick a show at a venue where you can move around. If you two are the mellow type, check out a low-key lounge and stay close in a booth.

2. Taste some whiskey. Whiskey is a great bottle to open if you’re looking for cold-weather booze, and a particularly great choice for women looking to impress. Go ahead and show him you sip more than fruity cocktails. If you’re not a huge bourbon drinker, ask for a taste from his glass. The smooth liquid is sure to warm you both up!

3. Make s’mores. No need to head to the woods for this campfire favorite. If one of you has a fireplace, take advantage. If not, a stovetop works just as well. Challenge each other to a s’more making contest to see which one of you browns the best fluff.

4. Shake it at a salsa class. For those who want to kick it up a notch and aren’t afraid to get down, take a dance class. Salsa’s a great partner-dance pick, but you can’t go wrong with any Latin style. The pounding beat and sultry moves are bound to heat you both up.

5. Go ice-skating. Always a no-fail choice, ice-skating lets you really take advantage of the season. Head to an outdoor rink to get a feel for the winter festivities. While you’re on the ice, grab his hand if you feel like you’re falling — or just because you can. Afterward, head to a local café to warm up with hot cocoa and talk about how awesome (or awesomely terrible) your respective ice skating skills are.

Did we leave out your favorite winter-themed second date? Let us know in a comment below!