Talk Nerdy to Me Series: Guys vs. Gals

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: charlesfettinger (Flickr)The days of Screech, Alfalfa and Urkel are long behind us. “Geeks” are no longer seen as social outcasts; now, being nerdy is slowly becoming the norm. With hipsters glorifying thick-rimmed glasses and shows like The Big Bang Theory making super smarties attractive, it makes sense that people are giving the geek culture a try. But before you upload a picture from Comic Con in your golden bikini Leia outfit or mention you play World of War craft 17 hours a day, take note! We’re bringing you a new eFlirt Expert series on mixing geek pride with your online dating life from a self-proclaimed geek.

In the world of comic books and video games, the gender line couldn’t be drawn any further apart. We already mentioned that nerds aren’t created equal, and the same thing applies to men and women — views of how each gender exemplifies “nerd” are nowhere near equal. Not sure where this post is going? Here are a few geeky attributes that show the different stereotypes of guys and gals.

Spending an Entire (Sunny) Day Playing Video Games.

Guys: Rock sweatpants, play XBOX Live, while hanging with the bros.

Gals: Sit at home in a skimpy outfit, playing shooter games (like Call of Duty), cursing like sailors.

When it comes to video games, most people think of female players as vixens who wear short skirts when dominating their games, while gamer guys are seen as slobs. While yes, there are obvious variations, they’re rarely thought of. In reality, not all lady gamers are super sexy, and not all guys who play are unkempt. You could be walking next to someone donning a suit who might be running home to play Street Fighter!

Hanging Out at Comic Con.

Guys: Spend hard-earned cash on super hero costumes, comic books, and DVDs.

Gals: Spend money on cutesy, Hello Kitty-esque merchandise and are only at the convention because they were dragged to it.

I went to New York’s Comic Con last year and actually dragged a date with me! Comic book conventions help break the guy/gal stereotype because you’ll see ladies checking out the Star Wars booths while guys are the ones spending money on Japanese anime. Don’t believe it? This year’s NYCC is October 11 to 14, so if you’re in the area, check it out yourself!

Going to Their Place for the First Time and Seeing Action Figures Everywhere.

Guys: As long as it’s not as bad as Andy in The 40 Year Old Virgin, OK!

Gals: Why are there so many action figures in here?

There’s nothing wrong with collecting some rare figurines of your favorite characters! The stereotype of gal collections is that they're filled with more Barbie dolls than Iron Man figures. Action figures can be a great conversation topic because it shows you want to know about your date’s interests.

Double standards are never fun, and it’s even worse when it deals with another stereotype on top of it. Before you make judgments about nerdy guys or gals, get to really know them first.

Know any nerdy stereotypes that are divided by gender? Share in a comment below!