Fail to Fab: Halloween Date Night

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

credit: BluEyedA73 (Flickr)Let’s take a break from all the Hurricane Sandy coverage and remember what today is. Nope, it’s not just Hump Day; it’s Halloween! Whether you’re able to head out and see goblins and ghouls firsthand tonight, plan on celebrating via a makeshift party at home, or are partying this weekend, you should have some fun. So take a breather from the news, rummage around for some candy, and check out these tips for All Hallows Eve — no matter what your stance on this spooky holiday is.

Your new love interest invites you to a party.

Fail: You recently met someone off a dating site and he invites you to a pal’s annual Halloween blowout. In turn, you head to the nearest costume store to purchase a Cinderella and Prince Charming set. You tell your new boo, who seems anything but enthused.

Fab: When you’re newly dating, couples costumes can be a fun idea as long as they aren’t the happily-ever-after kind. Talk about pressure! Instead, approach things casually. Ask your new guy or gal what they’re going as, or if they have suggestions. That way you can make sure you’re both on the same page.

You’re not a fan of dressing up, but your beau invites you to a costume party.

Fail: You haven’t dressed up since you were 12 and have managed to excuse yourself out of every opportunity since. But your new sweetheart has just invited you as a plus one at a couple’s costume party. You opt to go to the party sans costume and tell your guy or gal that you “forgot" your outfit at home.

Fab: When you’re not into faking it as a ghost or a sexy-whatever, it’s easy to tell a white lie to get yourself out of the holiday altogether. But that only leaves you looking — and feeling — like a total stick-in-the-mud. Instead, skip the couple’s costumes and have a contest between the two of you to see who picks the best outfit for the other. Loser owes the winner dinner at a place of their choice.

You hate Halloween, but your guy or gal loves it.

Fail: The idea of dressing up gives you the heebie jeebies and you can’t go anywhere near a horror movie without getting squeamish. But your newest flame has every Halloween movie DVR’d and a list of three Halloween parties to hit throughout the week. When the day comes around, you fake a cold and hide indoors.

Fab: If you’re dating someone seriously, you won’t be able to hide from him or her every October 31st. It’s better to gently tell your SO that you and Halloween don’t really get along. Then, offer a solution: go to one of the parties as long as you don’t have to dress up, or have a scary movie night in exchange for an activity of your choice later on.

No matter what, don’t dread Halloween, no matter how childish you might think the holiday is. Remember — it’s a time to have fun, take a break from being an adult, and if all else fails, enjoy the company of your guy or gal.