Talk Nerdy to Me: Top 5 Geeky Date Ideas

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center (Flickr)The days of Screech, Alfalfa and Urkel are long behind us. “Geeks” are no longer seen as social outcasts; now, being nerdy is slowly becoming the norm. With hipsters glorifying thick-rimmed glasses and shows like The Big Bang Theory making super smarties attractive, it makes sense that people are giving the geek culture a try. But before you upload a picture from Comic Con in your golden bikini Leia outfit or mention you play World of War craft 17 hours a day, take note! We’re bringing you a new eFlirt Expert series on mixing geek pride with your online dating life from a self-proclaimed geek.

When planning the perfect date for you and your boo, figuring out a fun time that will keep your nerdy guy or gal happy can be difficult. Break away from the stereotypical dinner and a movie and get out of your comfort zone. Remember those awesome field trips you took in elementary and middle school? Use those fun-filled activities to plan a geekified date day or night.

1. A night at the museum.  You might have hated going to museums when you were a kid but it was probably because you were restricted from exploring (i.e. running around) the venue. Many places have a designated day during the week and offer free admission. But don’t think there are only historical or art exhibits to check out. There are tons of spots to learn about comic books, film and yes — even sex. Go get schooled!

2. Game on!  Satisfy the inner geek in you or your date by indulging in some virtual reality. Places like Dave & Buster’s have helped bring dining and gaming together in one (convenient) place. The Barcade chain offers throwback games like Pac-Man, Paperboy and Galaga in a chill bar atmosphere. One of the benefits about hitting these spots instead of a traditional arcade is that booze helps celebrate a win … or ease the pain of a loss.

3. Blind me with science.  Even if you weren’t Bill Nye the Science guy, everyone knew experiments in a freaky lab are cool — especially if it involves smoke and explosions. The New York Hall of Science and Liberty Science Center have different activities for all ages. Unleash you inner fourth grader and have a blast!

4, X marks the spot.  One of the best things about fall is that the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. Enjoy the brisk, autumn air by signing the two of you up for a scavenger hunt. Hunts usually take place on the weekends in the early afternoon, so make it a day date with a little brunch to get fuel in your system. If you can’t afford a mini-vacation or a weekend, make this your adventure!

5. Shall thou go on ye date?  Giant turkey legs, jousting and period costumes bring one thing into mind: Renaissance fair. This is the perfect date for history buffs — and those who could use a break from smartphones! If you want the full experience, rent out some outfits and chat with each other in Old English (or at least try to). Feeling competitive? Place a (friendly) bet on a jousting match or play on opposite teams in human chess.

Which geeky date night is your favorite? Share in a comment below!