Talk Nerdy to Me: Bringing Your Worlds Together

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

credit: Horia Varlan (Flickr)The days of Screech, Alfalfa and Urkel are long behind us. “Geeks” are no longer seen as social outcasts; now, being nerdy is slowly becoming the norm. With hipsters glorifying thick-rimmed glasses and shows like The Big Bang Theory making super smarties attractive, it makes sense that people are giving the geek culture a try. But before you upload a picture from Comic Con in your golden bikini Leia outfit or mention you play World of War craft 17 hours a day, take note! We’re bringing you a new eFlirt Expert series on mixing geek pride with your online dating life from a self-proclaimed geek.

Things have gone your way since meeting your new boo; she loved your fun, geekified date ideas, Star Wars happens to be one of his favorite movies, and he or she even admitted to collecting action figures back in the day. Regardless of how well things are going, one lingering thought that is how to fully bring the two things you care about the most together. It can be extremely overwhelming, especially since you want to ease your SO into your lifestyle without overwhelming him or her. Here are a few tips on bringing your guy or gal full circle to get to know the real you.

To Yourself Be True.  OK, maybe typing that in Yoda speak might be a bit bizarre, but you get the idea. Since the person you’re seeing likes your geeky side, don’t shy away from it. This doesn’t mean you should go overboard and drag your new boo to a comic book convention if he or she only has a mild interest. But if you two want to have a lazy day, pique his or her interest and watch Ghostbusters. Taking baby steps is the best piece of advice.

Imitated, Never Duplicated.  But along the way you might find that people pretend to be self-proclaimed nerds. Just because someone puts on a pair of thick-rimmed glasses doesn’t mean this person is a geek. But don’t let this discourage you on your epic voyage for love. While it’s unfortunate, a TARDIS won’t be handy for you to change history, always know that you are a true innovator who genuinely enjoys playing with your chemistry lab on the weekends for fun. You might find that your special person isn’t a geek like yourself, but he or she will appreciate and adore your joie de vivre (carefree enjoyment of life, for you non-Francophiles).

Apply the Scientific Method.   Remember the set of rules you had to follow when you did your lima bean science project in third grade? They apply to real life situations, too! When you meet someone new, ask questions. Based on the knowledge you obtained, hypothesize about how amazing your date will be. Your hot date is your experiment, and afterward, you can analyze how things went. The conclusion can either go one of two ways. If it didn’t work out, try again with a new subject … I mean, new match!

If you’re a geek be one with pride! Don’t let those who troll online dating websites change your view on dating in general. Take the advice from this series and one day, you’ll find your own Yoda … or just an enthusiastic companion.

Do you have any online dating tips for your follow nerds out there? Share in a comment below!