Fail to Fab: Using Social Media When You First Start Dating

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

We’ve shown you how to flirt on Twitter and clued you in on when to friend your match on Facebook, but when things turn towards something serious, the rest of social media is a whole other ball game. Here’s a special Fail to Fab series all about tackling the various other apps you’re using on your smartphone during each stage of a relationship.

Fail: A few years ago one of my friends met a guy from an online dating site. They messaged for a while, but before their initial meeting they friended each other on Facebook. Their first date came and went without a hitch. On the second (and after one too many cosmos), things got a little intense and they snuck in the bathroom for make-out sesh. When she got back to their table, she immediately updated her Facebook status: “Second date is amazing. Totally just made out in the bathroom with my new hottie.” And when the “new hottie” saw the status the next day, he was mortified. He sent her a text, they exchanged a few words, and he said he had no interest in seeing her again.

Fab: When you’re on dates one through three, you should really avoid posting to Facebook or Twitter while you’re out. If you’re notorious for checking in (like on Foursquare), do so when you leave. And definitely avoid tagging your new boo obsessively, which should be easy to do since you shouldn’t be Facebook friends at this point anyway.

If you find things are going really well, it’s OK to be excited and share a couple of swoon-worthy moments with your network. But steer clear of going into detail about every second of your date. Keep in mind that your date might be a private person. And if things continue to go well, this will be the person you’ll introduce to friends and family … who'll already be all caught up with the personal bits of your relationship. #Awkward

On the flip side, if things aren’t working out after a few dates, avoid publicly trashing him or her online. Sometimes things just don’t work; bow out gracefully — and sans a Twitter tirade

Remember: While it’s easy to feel like you’re in your own little world, anyone (and everyone) has access to social media. You might be the person who likes to update your status whenever something happens, but be mindful that dating involves another person, too. There are some things about relationships that should really just stay between those involved.