Fail to Fab: Social Media and the Serious Relationship

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

credit: M. Pratter (Flickr)We’ve shown you how to flirt on Twitter and clued you in on when to friend your match on Facebook, but when things turn towards something serious, the rest of social media is a whole other ball game. Here’s a special Fail to Fab series all about tackling the various other apps you’re using on your smartphone during each stage of a relationship.

Fail: A few years ago, a Facebook friend of mine was in a FBO relationship. She’d occasionally post random relationship tidbits as her status, but it was never anything major — that is, until one day when he was more than an hour late picking her up to meet her parents for dinner. Tardiness was apparently a habit of his, and though she hadn’t said anything to her boyfriend about her annoyance with it she immediately turned to Facebook with a furious status update about the issue. Of course, Facebook was quick to console her with status likes and “Go get ‘em girl” comments. A couple of her friends even jumped in and added how terrible he was for making a gal like her wait. Gradually, more people started posting their digs at the guy, too. The thread continued for most of the evening and part of the weekend before her boyfriend saw it. To make matters worse, this was all happening while he was treating her parents to a nice dinner and theater tickets.

Fab: Even the most blissful couples have a squabble every now and then. But be sure to keep those moments offline, especially when you haven’t even approached the subject with your significant other. 

If you’re frustrated with your boo and need to vent, talk to a close friend you know — and trust. But blabbing your dirty laundry all over the interwebs isn’t flattering for you or your guy or gal. Remember that lady who rented a billboard when her husband cheated on her? While it doesn’t seem as major, posting your gripes for the entire world to see on social media has a similar effect.

On the flip side, the same rules apply when it comes to icky love stuff. It’s OK to post a few sweet nothings here and there, but for the most part, keep things under wraps. No one wants to throw up a little every time they read your status. As always, some things really should stay between couples.

And as for becoming FBO — try not to stress if it doesn’t happen immediately. Keep in mind that your new guy or gal might not be as social media savvy as you. If it’s really important, talk to your partner about it so you can find a solution you’re both comfortable with.

Remember: While it’s easy to feel like you’re in your own little world, anyone (and everyone) has access to social media. You might be the person who likes to update your status whenever something happens, but be mindful that dating involves another person, too. There are some things about relationships that should really just stay between those involved.