Study Hour: How to Snag Your School Boy/Girl Crush

By: Samantha Eng, Baby eFlirter & Copy Cutie

credit: Sterling College (Flickr)With midterms behind you and finals not too far off in the distance, it’s hard to make any time for love when your nose is in the books. But fear not, oh studious one! Here are a few study tips to guarantee that A+ (along with a celebratory dinner date) before the fall semester ends.

Swap Seats.

As any real estate agent will tell you, location, location, location. The beginning of the semester was opportune for swapping shy glances across the room. Take the midterm moment to relocate and turn that over-the-monitor gaze to a sly (and slightly suggestive) sideward smile.

Afraid of being too obvious? In this day and age, blame it on a technological glitch and they’re none the wiser.

Be a Team Player.

If you’re lucky, your seat swap will allow for easy pairing. Allow professors’ love for “stimulating conversation” (i.e. creating awkward moments between you and your classmates) be the opportunity to break the ice. Use your noggin and covertly be a team player for your crush's team if you’re (willingly) forced to converse. Destiny? Sure, you gave her a little nudge. No big deal!

Study Hour = Happy Hour.

Not literally, but figuratively! While we don’t suggest pulling a Mean Girls LiLo and failing math, brushing up on your knowledge and asking for a study buddy is a great way to break the ice before finals … or trying to figure out how that midterm went sour … or even better, getting an A+ on your next exam!

[Just a friendly reminder, go into this study hour knowing what the subject is! A common rookie mistake.]

This studious happy hour will create an ideal situation to share a common interest (like your love/hate for current subject) or ease the tension for future conversation.

We even have your next line for the after-study date conversation: “Hey, how’d you do on that test?”

Got any other great lines to follow up after a study date? Tell us below!