All I Want For Christmas: A Look at Our Favorite Holiday Gifts


credit: Kevin Murray (yes, this is the real thing)Everyone loves getting gifts around the holidays: it’s an easy way to bring out the kid in us. But there’s nothing quite like receiving something special from someone special. Big, small, or in between, the best is a present wrapped up with love ... or lust. Whatever floats your boat, right?

Since we’re all about helping you find your right click, here are our favorite holiday gifts from our significant others. No mistletoe needed for those thank you kisses!

“Last year on Christmas Eve, my fiancé gave me seven handwritten notes. To most people, white index cards with only a few words on each one wouldn’t be exciting, but to me they were more meaningful than any gift because he used them to propose! Of course, I love my diamond ring, too — it’s the symbol of our commitment to each other. But sometimes words on the page resonate more than words spoken aloud. I hope that the memory of him on bended knee outside in the blistering cold remains in my thoughts forever. But in case it ever starts to fade, I’ll always, always have those cards, which are now framed on my wall.” Laurie, Founder 

“In 2008, my then boyfriend brought me a Nintendo Wii as a joint birthday and Christmas gift. He knows how much of a video gamer I am, so he hit the bull’s eye with this one. We went to Best Buy to shop together for other gifts, and while we were there, he picked up the box and said to get whatever games and accessories I wanted. At that moment, I felt like a kid in a candy store and chose my favorite Mario games and the controllers I needed. To this day, I still play my Mario Kart and think about the first time he and I versed each other in my college dorm after setting everything up. Video games are definitely the way to this gamer girl’s heart!” — Paola, Copy Cutie

“I’ve been with my beau for years, but the best gift he’s ever given me was in Christmas 2009, when he got me a plane ticket to Arizona so I could visit one of my best friends. Another one of my girlfriends and I wanted to surprise our gal pal for her January birthday, but since I had just started grad school, my bank account was basically dry. Though my guy has gifted tons of things and experiences (like trips for two together), the fact that he wanted me to spend time with those who also mean a lot to me truly showed how much he cares about my happiness … even when it doesn’t involve spending time with him. Just one of the many reasons why he’s a keeper!” — Krissy, Jill of All Trades and Certified eFlirter 

“Every fairytale romance ends with gifts of a diamond ring, wedding bells and happily ever after. But as a novice at the commitment plan, my favorite gift is always a hint to how the romance will blossom — literally. That's why I'm smitten the moment a man sends me flowers, especially around the holidays. Lilies prove I'm a stargazer, crème colored roses are pure goodness, and the telltale sign of a red rose is undeniable: a bouquet speaks volumes to me. So while I might be solo under the mistletoe this holiday season, I remember each holiday and every last stem of possibility.” — Samantha, Baby eFlirter and Copy Cutie

“This might sound a little corny, but the best gift I've ever been given is from the guy I'm currently dating. He got me a really nice leather notebook with a butterfly on it. I like it because it's one of the most thoughtful things a guy has ever given me. What’s more is that I like being old school from time to time and enjoy writing in an actual notebook. And when I'm on the subway or taking trips, I almost always have a notebook with me. So when he gave me one it showed that he truly paid attention to little details about me. Totally swoon-worthy.” — Jess D., Copy Cutie and Marketing Maven

“My favorite gift is when my ex-girlfriend bought me a Tom Brady Fathead. Wait, you don’t know what a Fathead is? A Fathead is a life-size poster that sticks on your wall. Sounds awesome, right? Like, who doesn’t want to wake up every morning to a 6 foot, 5 inch Tom Brady staring at you every time you walk into the living room? The cool thing was that she bought this knowing it was going to be chilling next to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our old apartment. What she didn’t know was from that day on, when the Pats scored touchdowns, I’d jump up and slap #12 right in his flat-ass. Come to think of it, it’s probably why she left me. My bromance with Fathead Tom Brady was (and still is) unbreakable, and there was nothing she could do about it. Still, this was the best gift a Masshole sports nut could ask for.” — Kevin, Suave Scribe and Guy Friday

What’s your favorite holiday gift from someone you’re in love (or lust) with? Share with us below!