How To Store Multiple Numbers On Your Phone

Adding Binary Code to Your Dating Life

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

Binary codes are the secret language of programmers, and there’s something to be learned from a simple series of “0” and “1.” A typical onlooker may dismiss it, but the above average dater knows that a simple code or two can save them from a smartphone pre-screening disaster.

In the wide, wide world of online love, many digital daters are on two or three sites simultaneous — if not more. With that, comes multiple nights out with different people, some of whom share the same name. 

According to the 1990 census, the most common male name in the United States is James, with John, Robert and Michael not too far behind. Quite the contrary Mary ranked number one in the same census for female names, with Patricia, Linda and Barbara following in suit.

With that being said, the chances of you meeting multiple Mary’s or Michael’s on these dating platforms are pretty high. Here’s an easy way to keep track of who you’re chatting with.

Distinguish by Dating Site.

E = eHarmony

M =

C = Chemistry

Simple as E=MC2, right? It might not the most discreet code, but who’s to question a “Michael M.” on the line when your mother, who still doesn’t know you’re online dating, calls?

Another savvy suggestion? Invest in an emoticon app. Red heart, blue heart, identifying your dates is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Whether you’re tagging them with a single letter or symbol, early distinguishing allows you to keep track of the owners of all these digits. 

When in Doubt, Sound it Out.

Psychologist Ivan Pavlov was on to something when he messed with a whistle and his dog’s saliva. The “psychic secretion” when the whistle blew made Pavlov’s dog associate it with food.

Enter custom ring tones.

Save your stamina, ladies! No more jumping up when the phone rings to see if he (or the other he) called. A simple ring tone or alert will differentiate a potential love match from your gal pal and keep you going in stride.

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200.

Alternatively, applying your binary code is beneficial, whether it’s for happy dating or should-be deleting.

A friendly suggestion: label the nays and never-agains with a JoJo “Get Out” ringtone or even better, a simple “Do Not Answer” to remind yourself that those skeletons were meant to stay buried deep within your closet.

How do you store multiple digits in your cell? Share your tips with our readers below!