Top 5 Things to Avoid Putting on Your Profile

By Alyssa Fleischer, Copy Cutie

Being true to yourself is important when you begin online dating. After all, you want others to see you for who you really are to truly find your ideal match. But there are a few items you should think twice about before posting them on your profile. So whether it’s your first venture online or you’re an online dating vet, here are the top five things to avoid putting on your profile.

1. Pictures … but sans you.  Many say that pets resemble their owners. While it may be true in some cases, you should not let people see that in your profile pictures. In other words, your photos should be of you, and only you. Sounds obvious, but there are plenty of scenic shots that are better saved for your Facebook timeline. If your picture is of your brand new car basking in the glow of a beautiful sunset — and you’re nowhere to be seen — we’ve got a bit of a problem.

2. Pet peeves.  It bothers me when people don’t clean up after themselves. I also get annoyed when others interchange “good” and “well.” My list can go on forever, but to talk about what I don’t like just feeds into the instant negativity I’ve created from my two initial sentences. We’re only human and there will always be things that get under our skin, but that doesn’t mean you should divulge all 92 of your annoyances on your profile. Whoever’s reading will most likely roll their eyes and hit ‘next’ faster than you can type, “ I hate it when…”

3. Habits.  And while you shouldn’t vent about things you can’t stand, the same rules apply for the habits you do have. Quirks are what separate us from others (which is a good thing!) but over sharing your OCD routines, like your constant need to clean or anxious nail biting is a discovery your partner can learn later. Like way after your first date, later.   

4. Alter egos.  Giving yourself an alter ego can be an exciting way to add diversity in your life. Sometimes it lends a hand to those searching for self-motivation. Just look at Beyoncé’s Sasha Fierce, who gives the singer courage to perform on stage and separates her from her normally shy personality. But having a double life may confuse someone on the Internet — especially if your imaginary double is akin to Nicki Minaj’s Roman. Save it for the stage.

5. Extreme animal obsessions.  It’s wonderful to own a pet. There’s something about the responsibility of caring for an animal and the companionship that it gives that makes many owners happy. No matter what type of animal you enjoy taking care of, don’t be afraid to express that. But if your entire profile revolves around your pet, maybe you should rethink you digital details. You want others to know about all of your interests, not just that you want to roll around in a house full of cats, put them in a basket with bows on their ears and slide down a magical rainbow with them. A simple, “I’m a cat person,” will suffice.

Have you seen any of these dating profile no-no’s? Let us know in a comment below!