Fail to Fab: Dateless During March Madness

By: Jess Downey, Copy Cutie

Fail: I make it no secret that I’m not a fan of basketball. Don’t touch the channel when football is on, but if basketball season was cancelled all together I wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Obviously, this whole March Madness thing can cause a bit of a problem for my dating life. I can remember countless times where I’ve sat and waited for a guy who’s watching a game, filling out a bracket, or doing whatever it is that those March Madness fanatics do. I’ve also had guys cancel on me because they need to watch the “big game” — even though every game seems like it’s a big game. It’s exhausting and makes me wonder why I bother dating this time of year. And to be honest, I’ve often considered hiding out until it’s all over.

Fab: If you meet a frenzied fan, there’s no need to avoid him until April (or whenever the season ends). Learning about your partner’s likes is a surefire way to woo them. No one says you have to suddenly obsess over something just because your new guy or gal does, but use his or her fandom as an opportunity to have some fun.

Instead of rolling your eyes while your man cheers on his favorite team, consider it your chance to flirt and score some future dates. Make bets on which team will be leading at the half or win the game. Loser has to pay the bar tab or cook dinner that Friday night. 

You can also offer up a trade. Suggest watching a game if he watches one of your favorite shows or flicks with you. Or agree to watch the game if he lets you pick the place.

Remember: You might not love basketball (or whatever the ‘madness’ is), but it never hurts to open yourself up to experience new and different things.