How to Have a Drunken Hookup

By Kristin Manganello, Copy Cutie

Spring Break is here! Whether you’re partying it up on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean or kicking it back at a local watering hole, you may find your tipsy self talking to an attractive stranger. With the music is cranking from the jukebox and everyone around you having a blast in a glass, you notice that this stranger has the cutest smile you’ve ever seen. In the heat of the moment you really want to kiss this mystery person. But before you lean in, you hesitate. You're a little buzzed after all and you wonder if you’re being reckless.

Anyone who’s seen two minutes of a Jersey Shore episode knows that things can get sloppy when booze is involved, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Think of drunken hookups as the Twitter of dating: they're fun, short-lived, and let you share a little piece of yourself with someone else. Lowering your inhibitions without resembling Snooki isn’t too complicated. Follow these tips, and you’re good to go!

1. Go with the flow. Don't psyche yourself out by thinking, I could never do something like that. That’s fear talking. When you become too wrapped up in anxiety over possibly making a mistake, you miss out on the sheer thrill of living. Be adventurous and let yourself do something out of character for once.

2. Be smart. Try to think about what you want out of your drunken hookup before you’re too hammered to make a logical decision, and make sure the friends you’re with understand it. When in doubt, ask them what they think. Bottom line? You should be having fun. If you’re not, blow that Popsicle stand.

3. Be friendly. It may seem obvious, but sometimes people forget their manners. They figure they’ll never see this person again, so why bother with formalities? While it’s inappropriate to shower your casual cutie with words of love, it’s never OK to be rude. Nobody wants to make out with a jerk! Whatever you do, treat your hookup well. Though this mini-relationship ends once sobriety kicks in, keep it drama-free. Joke with them, flirt with them, and most of all, kiss them!

4. No regrets. You wake up the next day with your head aching and suddenly thoughts of What did I do?! are racing through your mind. Welcome to your emotional hangover. Just like regular hangovers, they fill you with regret, making it all too easy to chastise yourself. Forget about that. Remind yourself of the great time you had the night before. After all, you’ve just mastered the art of the micro-romance! Instead of giving yourself a hard time, you should feel awesome.

Drunken hookups are a no-pressure way to shake you out of your winter blues, so go for it! Let your hair down and let that liquor make your lips a little loose — one night never hurt anyone.

Have a crazy drunken hookup story? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below!