Reading Between the Lines: What Your Online Dating Profile is Really Saying

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

Your online dating profile is a match’s first impression of you. What you say in your About Me or For Fun sections will contribute to whether or not someone contacts you. With that said, what you don’t want to do is scare people away from your profile. Make sure your info let’s you shine in the best possible light. If it doesn’t, you’re sure to turn away users that might otherwise be interested. Below are some lines we’ve seen in people’s profiles and the negative messages they’re sending to others.

On a typical Friday night I’m trying to get arrested.

Why Not?! No one wants to date a flight risk or a cop magnet. And if you’re trying to show off how “adventurous” you are, it’s not working. Limit handcuff use to the bedroom.
What You’re Saying.
You’re a risk taker and don’t think of the consequences. Or, you’re really bad at showing sarcasm online.

I’ve been told I’m a decent musician, though I beg to differ.

Why Not?! Giving yourself a backhanded compliment to appeal to potential matches is instead doing the opposite: highlighting your flaws. Also, it shows that you’re insecure, which is definitely not sexy.
What You’re Saying. You lack confidence.

The first thing people usually notice about me is my bulge.

Why Not?! It’s TMI — especially in a first impression. Also, it’s just gross.
What You’re Saying. You have a perverted and/or sarcastic mentality.

Yes, I drank three bottles of wine and am looking for a fourth. Who wants to party?

Why Not?! Sounding like a complete lush isn’t flattering and gives off the same impression as posting drunk pictures do: trashy. Unless you’re only looking to have a good time, don’t expect people to take you seriously.
What You’re Saying. You love to party and it tops your list of priorities.

What I’m doing with my life? Living it, I suppose.

Why Not?! Vague (and somewhat depressing) answers to profile questions aren’t a good way to show you off. Without adding anything fun or interesting to the conversation, how do you expect someone to reach out and message you?
What You’re Saying. I’m a Debbie/Daniel Downer.

I am not what you would expect.

Why Not?! How do you know how others will perceive you before meeting them? Making assumptions about how someone will react to you is never the way to go.
What You’re Saying. I’m too lazy to come up with something more descriptive.

Ask me anything. I'm an open book.

Why Not?! There are some questions that just shouldn’t be asked right away; why would you invite others to dig into you personal life? While you want to seem like “an open book,” it’s something that just doesn’t need to be said.
What You’re Saying. You feel the need to reassure others about how inviting you are.

I’m a badass mofo. I don't need anything.

Why Not?! This sentence will drive away any potential match, who probably won’t waste the two seconds it would take to analyze your words.
What You’re Saying. That you’re completely independent and don’t need (or seem to want) to be in a relationship. To put it simply, you sound like a jerk.

What crazy statements have caught your eye when dating online? Share what you’ve read in a comment below!