Top 5 Worst Pick Up Lines From Guys

By Alyssa Fleisher, Copy Cutie

Guys, we know you want to make a good impression when meeting a lovely lady for the first time. While being original can set you apart from others she may have met before you, don’t blow it by trying out a new pickup line you’ve heard — especially if you’re unsure of what a woman’s reaction will be. You don’t want to ruin any chance of future before you even get to know her! While the rule of pickup lines is to simply not to use them, if one happens to slip out, make sure it isn’t one of these. Here are the top five worst pick up lines.

1. Looks like you’ve got first row tickets to the gun show. While initial attraction is important during any flirtatious encounter, starting a shallow conversation about your muscle definition isn’t the way to go. And let’s be serious — this is only funny coming from anchorman Ron Burgundy himself. Put down the weapons and surrender because your guns are simply no match for anyone with common sense!

2. Just call me milk; I’ll do your body good. A word to the wise: not everyone likes milk, nor will they fall for this line. If a conversation leads to a night that ends with the two of you heading home together, let her find out whether you’ll do her “body good” herself. After all, what if you don’t live up to her expectations? Keep your milk in the fridge.

3. Are you a terrorist? Because you have great bombs (point to chest). This isn’t even cute in the I-sort-of-feel-bad-for-you kind of way. And considering recent history (or any history for that matter), this line will never be in fashion. 

4. Does this rag smell like chloroform to you? Just … no. Don’t be surprised if the woman hearing this runs away and calls the police. And let’s be serious — who came up with this anyway?

5. Great legs. What time do they open? If this is ever uttered out of your mouth, you may experience a slap across the face, along with redness and irritation, or feelings of embarrassment and rejection. If any of these symptoms occur, refrain from future use.

Did we miss any bad ones? Share some of the worst lines you’ve heard with us below!