Spring Cleaning Your Online Dating Inbox

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

With April showers (hopefully) bringing in May flowers, spring’s in full swing. Along with warmer temps and cherry blossom season, it’s time to go out with the old and in with the new. Most people do spring cleaning to rid themselves of the junk in their lives. But cleaning shouldn’t be exclusive to what’s in your house; think of all the web clutter found in your email accounts, on your social media pages and especially, inside your online dating inbox.

If you’re not sure which messages to remove, here are a few tips to help you figure out who to delete out of your digital dating life and who’s worth holding onto — at least, until summer.

Let Bygones Be Bygones.  Holding onto old messages can lead you down the slippery slopes into hoarding. If you haven’t heard from Max123 in five months, there shouldn’t be any reason to keep the 15 messages he sent. If you’re adamant about holding on to particularly funny or sentimental convos, copy and paste them into a Word doc and store ‘em in a separate folder — out of sight, out of mind. While some sites automatically delete emails after a certain amount of time has passed anyway, it’s always good to go through your past message strings and keep your inbox streamlined.

Spring Forward.  Do you keep encountering that creeper who doesn’t understand the meaning of I’m not interested? Take advantage of that little ‘block’ button on a user’s profile. The glorious thing about using this function is that the other party will be none the wiser. Continue to browse and chat with other users without that stage five clinger clogging up your inbox. You always want to save room for your most compatible matches.

Single? Taken? Maybe?  While going through your inbox, it might be worth it to click on old contacts’ profiles. Missypinky83 was definitely up your ally but if it’s been a few weeks since you last heard from her, see if she’s been on recently — or if she’s even still active on the site. Sometimes, keeping messages from certain users indicates that you’re still interested in them, but if it looks like they’ve found their match (or have decided to take a break from dating online), delete their messages and get back on the interweb prowl.

How do you choose which messages to keep in your inbox? Let us know in a comment below!