What Should You Do If You’re Over- or Underdressed on a Date?

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

If clothes make the man, be sure you’re dressed appropriately!

Your first date is a lot like the first day of school — you want to look your best. Dressing to impress is crucial as it’s the first in-person impression your date will have of you, even though you’ve been chatting with each other online. But if you’ve been going back and forth via online messages or texts to plan your date, important details can sometimes get left out. And if you’re unfamiliar with the venue picked, it can be difficult to plan the perfect outfit — which can mean you’re faced with a wardrobe dilemma right when you arrive at the door. Below are a few scenarios that might occur and some easy tips to fix your outfit.

Scenario 1: The Dinner Date

Guys: If you wore a blazer with your outfit and the restaurant is more Applebee’s than The Ritz, ditch the outerwear. Wearing something like a sports jacket to a casual restaurant will make you appear overdressed. But if it’s chilly inside you can use it in case your date gets cold and they need to warm up — which will score points for you.

Gals: You expected a night of laidback food and eats at a sports lounge and you ended up at a posh restaurant in Little Italy. No problem! Slap on some lipstick and run to the bathroom to make your hair look sleek. If it’s down, tie it in a bun for instant sophistication.

Scenario 2: Out For Drinks

Guys: You’re normally more comfortable at a local dive bar but to impress your date you head to an upscale lounge. If you’re wearing a dress shirt, tuck it into your pants. If all you have is a tee, head to the bathroom and smooth your hair down so you look put together.

Gals: You end up at McSworley’s Pub and you’re wearing five-inch black pumps. If you managed to pack in a pair of flats to cure your feet from pain, switch into them and you’re good to go. If not, don’t despair — head to the bathroom and flip your head over to give your hair a mussed-up, casual vibe.

Scenario 3: Bowling or Any Activity

Guys: If you ended up wearing slacks, don’t stress. Keep your cool and focus on fixing your top. If you’re donning a button-down, un-tuck it. And if you’re wearing an undershirt (which you should be anyway), unbutton a few buttons to dress yourself down.

Gals: If the date calls for physical activity (not that kind of activity!) you’re probably going to get a bit sweaty. If your hair is down, pull it into a fun ponytail. It shows you’re adaptable to any situation and can go with the flow. If you have a blazer on, roll up the sleeves or take it off.

Being able to dodge any curveballs that come your way shows your date that you’re interested and want to have a great time. There might be times where communication lines are crossed and evening plans aren’t clarified. By altering a few pieces, you can still look awesome and enjoy the evening. And as George Michael said, “Sometimes the clothes do not make the man”.

Have you ever caught yourself in a date night outfit snafu? Tell us in a comment below!