Celebrities Venture Into Online Dating

By Paola Hernandez, Copy Cutie

Sinead O’Connor made headlines last week last week by returning to online dating after splitting with her husband. And who can blame her? Celebrities want to fall in love and find happiness like everyone else. By publicly announcing her Plenty of Fish username, the Irish singer is allowing fans to access her profile. After all, anyone can strike her fancy! 

But O’Connor isn’t the only celebrity who has taken a dip in the online dating pool. She joins the likes of Joan Rivers, Halle Berry and Charlie Sheen, just to name a few. But what makes finding digital love so much different for stars than anyone else?

For one thing, it’s practically guaranteed that a star will get an influx of messages in their inbox — given that they’ve posted a recognizable picture of themselves. While they may get more attention than a typical user, they might also gain the wrong type of attention, either from crazed fans trying to meet their favorite celebrity or people who simply want to see if they can snag a date with someone famous.

Word traveled fast when ‘Gossip Girl’ star Chace Crawford told British mag Now that he’s had multiple online dating profiles. “I have a bunch of different accounts that no one even knows about,” the actor said in 2010.

Another famous online dater is ‘Dancing With the Stars’ judge Carrie Ann Inaba, who lucked out on eHarmony. She met her fiancé through the online dating service without a photo or any information that would have given her celebrity status. And when Jesse Sloan proposed to her on ‘Live With Regis and Kelly’ it proved that celebrity or not, you can find love digitally.

But while stars admit to using dating websites, their profiles might be hard to find. Joan Rivers has said she’s been a member of Match.com. Halle Berry has said she’s used different aliases in chat rooms “just to see what everyone is talking about.” And it’s been reported that Charlie Sheen was on MillionareMatch.com for a few months; he probably used his “winning” approach to charm the ladies.

So if you’re dating online and get a message from someone with a minimalist profile, it might be worth emailing back and getting to know him or her. For all you know it could be a celebrity match trying to find love, just like you.

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