How To Not Feel Rejected on an Online Dating Site

A Recipe for Avoiding Dating Burn

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

As eFlirt experts — or simply as friends — we encourage hopeful singles to put themselves out there if they want to find love. The more doors we open, the better chances we have to help fate out and make that love connection.

In the same regard, there’s no arguing that opening more doors exposes us to more chances of rejection. After all, we’re looking for “The One” and as my mom says, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince.” But what happens if your ideal prince or princess won’t answer your wink, nudge, or e-mail?

Instead of folding your hand and throwing in the towel, mix yourself up a big bowl of comfort food — for thought, that is! Here are a few ingredients to add along the way as you pick yourself up and try again.

Take It With a Grain of Salt.

I’ve always preferred salty treats to sweets and this time around, it’s no different. While we’d love to have everyone fawn over us or even better, find “The One” on our first try, it’s logistically impossible when taking other variables into consideration.

Remind yourself that every interaction you make is a step closer to finding your perfect partner. By focusing on the end goal, you won’t obsess over the small (and sometimes equally as nice) steps along the way.

Hash It Out With Friends.

According to a study by, one in six couples met on an online dating site in 2010. Those stats are in online daters’ favor. Aside from that, it also means there’s more just than a friend or two who’s also dating digitally — and dealing with similar rejection blues, too.

The newest favorite pastime for friends? Commiserating over online dating stories. It’s just a revamp on the old coffee talk, that’s all.

When In Doubt, Drink Your Sorrows Away.

Don't worry — we’re not encouraging starting an abusive habit, but we are saying that a refreshing glass of wine or a cool beer will not only ease the tension, but remind you of the casual (and not depressing) nature of dating.

When discussing people’s fixation on meeting someone “organically,” Laurie always says, “It’s not online dating; its online meeting and offline dating.” And aside from the other pearls of wisdom she’s given me through the years, this one really stuck.

What ingredients do you use to get over hitting an online dating roadblock? Share your thoughts in a comment below!